One Unified Voice

The NSMS & CMA represent the voices of
more than 43,000 physicians state-wide

Membership Benefits


NSMS and CMA work tirelessly for you and your patients, representing physician interests in the Legislature, courts and to regulators.


  • Increasing reimbursement rates for physicians to improve access to care for all Californians
  • Limiting the scope of practice of various practitioners based on their level of training/education
  • Eliminating unfair business practices against physicians and patients
  • Preserving physician authority over clinical decision making in health care settings
  • Promoting good public health policy (examples: motorcycle and bicycle helmets; smoking bans; childhood immunization requirements)

Public Health

  • Promoting appropriate public health policy at the state and local level
  • Working with public health agencies to combat public health threats
  • Addressing public health concerns (examples: opioid abuse; end-of-life care; smoking; student health)
  • Working with other state and local health care organizations to promote access to care

Promoting the Physician Community

  • Bringing physicians together for networking and educational events locally and in statewide programs
  • Promoting physician health and well-being through educational programs and support
  • Supporting physicians-in-training through educational and scholarship programs

Practice Survival, Guidance, and Personal Support

  • Providing direct assistance with practice management or payment recovery issues
  • Providing guidance through "how-to" publications, seminars and webinars, and direct assistance
  • Providing an extensive online library (over 6000 pages) of guidance on medical-legal, regulatory, practice management and a host of other issues affecting the practice of medicine. Visit CMA's Health Law Library to learn more.
  • Creating organizations to address key issues affecting physicians (examples: doctor-owned malpractice carriers; health care delivery plans; medical collection agencies; management services organizations)
  • Providing group programs to address personal and professional needs (examples: Professional Liability insurance, Life, health and disability insurance; Workers’ Compensation Insurance; HIPAA compliance programs; HR management services; medical waste management svcs.)
  • Members receive a free listing in the online NSMS physician directory

Opportunity to Influence Health Care Policy

Through the local and state governance processes of NSMS and the CMA, members have the ability to come together to develop well thought-out health care policy and then speak through a unified voice to policymakers and the public to make those policies a reality.

News and Information

Members stay informed about public health, practice management, healthcare reform, and other breaking health care news through NSMS's free member e‐newsletter and email blasts and CMA's online publications.

Physicians' Confidential Line

The Physician’s Confidential Line, (213) 383-2691, is a 24‐hour phone service that provides support to physicians with alcohol/chemical dependency or mental/behavioral problems. This service is completely confidential and will not result in any form of disciplinary action or referral to any disciplinary body.

Financial Services

  • Provides financial aid to select medical students each year through the NSMS Medical Student Scholarship Program
  • Offers loan repayment through CalHealthCares, where eligible physicians may receive up to $300,000 in exchange for a 5-year service obligation. Awardees are required to have their patient caseload comprised of a minimum of 30% Medi-Cal beneficiaries and within 10% of the medical patient caseload proposed in their application
  • Under the Steven M. Thompson Physician Corps Loan Repayment Program, awards up to $105,000 to repay educational loans in exchange for a three-year service commitment in a medically under-served area of the state
  • Provides members with a variety of student loan refinancing options, including low-variable and fixed rates with terms ranging from five to 20 years, through a partnership with SoFi, a leader in marketplace lending. NSMS/CMA members also qualify for an additional rate discount of 0.25 percent off the approved loan rate
  • The Song-Brown Healthcare Workforce Training Programs (budget passed in 2016) aims to increase the number of students and residents receiving quality primary care education and training in areas of unmet need throughout California. The California Healthcare Workforce Policy Commission awarded upwards of $30.5 million to support more than 175 primary care residency slots for the 2017 cycle, and a record number of applications were received this year, in large part due to the additional physician workforce funding secured by CMA through the state budget. Although Governor Jerry Brown proposed to eliminate these funds in his 2017-2018 budget, CMA fought to maintain this important funding, which is critical as we work to address California’s primary care physician shortage.

Insurance Programs

NSMS and CMA have partnered with Lockton Affinity to help you get the most out of your insurance needs. Find the coverage that works best for you here.

Members also receive a discount on top of Mercury’s already low rates for both home and automobile coverage. By combining auto and home coverage, NSMS/CMA members can receive an even deeper discount.

Health Information Technology

CMA has partnered with PatientPop, the leader in practice growth technology, to help physicians improve their online presence and attract more patients. PatientPop offers an all-in-one technology solution that’s proven to help physicians thrive in the digital age.

Other Supplies and Resources

  • Staples: members receive discounts on office supplies and equipment from Staples, Inc.
  • Security Prescriptions:  Members receive 15% off tamper‐resistant security prescription pads and printer paper from RxSecurity.
  • Magazine Subscriptions: Members get up to 89% off subscriptions to hundreds of popular magazines from Subscription Services Inc.

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