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Burnout is extremely high among practicing physicians, with recent studies showing nearly 44% of U.S. doctors reporting one or more symptoms of burnout, depression, or both. Physicians are also at 50-300% increased risk for death by suicide compared to professionals in other fields.

To combat physician burnout, NSMS created the Together in Medicine program. The program aims to improve physician wellness by connecting physicians to their peers, building physician camaraderie, providing fun opportunities for to enjoy time with family away from the office, providing resources to strengthen resilience and leadership skills, and showing appreciation for the work physicians do.


NSMS has been working closely with both Drug Safe Solano and the Napa Opioid Safety Coalition to promote safe and appropriate prescribing practices and reduce prescription drug abuse in our communities.

Drug Safe Solano

DSS is working to reduce the number of residents who are prescribed highly addictive opioid medications and to improve medication safety and treatment strategies. According to recent research, the opioid crisis has hit Solano County particularly hard. In fact, Solano County opioid overdose hospitalization and emergency department rates exceed the state average. Because the causes and effects of prescription drug abuse are complex, a multi-disciplinary comprehensive approach is necessary to address this issue. Many organizations have partnered with the Coalition, including the Napa Solano Medical Society, leaders from our community hospitals and health plans, Solano County Public Health, Solano County Courts, law enforcement and other first responders. Visit their website for more information at

Napa Opioid Safety Coalition

The Napa Opioid Safety Coalition originally formed in 2014, under Partnership Health Plan's Managing Pain Safely program. Partners in the coalition include the Napa Solano Medical Society, Ole Health, Partnership Health Plan, Kaiser, Queen of the Valley Medical Center, Veterans Home, Napa County Health and Human Services Agency, Napa Police Department, Sheriff’s Office, community pharmacists, Up Valley Family Center, and community members. For more information about the Napa Opioid Safety Coalition, please contact (707) 253-4270.


On May 16, 2022, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 35 (MICRA Modernization) into law. The Governor's action followed a bipartisan and nearly unanimous vote by the state Legislature. As part of the landmark agreement reflected in AB 35, proponents of FIPA have removed the initiative from the November ballot. The law will go into effect January 1, 2023. Under the modernized MICRA law, the underlying principles of MICRA were preserved -- ensuring access to care and protecting our health care delivery system from runaway costs.

Visit our MICRA webpage for more information. 

If you have any questions about MICRA or would like to find out more about how you can get involved, contact the NSMS by emailing


Throughout the pandemic, NSMS has been working diligently to keep physicians as informed and prepared as possible. We distributed free, 3-month supplies of PPE to over 60 practices in the area; worked with a county public health officer to provide weekly coordination calls for physicians; identified test kits and volunteers for early testing sites; advocated for patient safety at both the county and state level; and ramped up our e-newsletter communication to a weekly schedule in order to give members the latest and most accurate information as quickly as possible.

We are still posting COVID-19 news and resources regularly. Visit our resources page for more information.