Supporting Your Practice

The NSMS provides the support you need to
maintain a successful practice

Together in Medicine

NSMS created the Together in Medicine program to promote wellness and assist physicians in restoring the joy to practice. The program aims to improve physician wellness by connecting physicians to their peers, building physician camaraderie, providing fun opportunities for to enjoy time with family away from the office, providing resources to strengthen resilience and leadership skills, and showing appreciation for the work physicians do.

Social Events

Take time to recharge and build community with fellow physicians by attending one of our social events held throughout the year. Join us for free private movie nights, the NSMS Annual Awards Gala and Dinner, and many more events. Register for upcoming events here.

Wellness Webinars

NSMS has partnered with the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association to provide live and on-demand wellness webinars at no cost to members. See what's available on the Learning Center here.

Physicians' Confidential Line

If you're a physician or dentist looking for help with substance use or a psychological or emotional issue, CMA offers a confidential hotline for physicians. If you're a colleague, family member, or friend of a physician or dentist in need of assistance, please don't hesitate to call. CMA Confidential Hotline: (213) 383-2691